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Help us save cats and dogs in our community and the people who love them through your donation today!
Checks can be sent to Lucas County Pit Crew
855 North McCord Toledo, OH 43615.

Welcome the Kitty Krew to LCPC!
We are very excited to welcome into our crew new foster families caring for cats and kittens. LCPC is committed to making a positive difference in our community. Pit Bull Terrier Type dogs and community cats are the two most abused and neglected groups of companion animals in our country today. Helena is the first kitten to receive life saving care from our new Kitty Krew. See her story HERE.

Tickets available online. Use our PayPal Donate Button (at the top of the page) and indicate how many tickets and what name to hold them under. Tickets are 20 dollars each and include three games, shoes, pizza, desserts, iced tea/lemonade. Additional food/drink items are available for purchase at the bowling alley. There will be silent auction items and raffles through the event.

Lucas County Pit Crew
The Lucas County Pit Crew supports responsible guardians of companion animals in our community, with an emphasis on Pit Bull Terrier type dogs and community cats, through education, advocacy, training assistance, spay/neuter promotion, foster care, and adoption.We are defined by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We define ourselves as a FOR PURPOSE organization because we are making a positive difference in our community each and every day!

We are an all volunteer organization and as such do not have the manpower to respond to phone calls. Stray dogs are handled by the Lucas County Dog Warden (419) 213-2800 and abuse/cruelty concerns are handled by the cruelty officers at the Toledo Area Humane Society (419) 891-0705. We do not operate a shelter and all of our adoptable dogs live in foster homes throughout the community. 

Lucas County Pit Crew

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