Lucas County Pit Crew
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Behavior Assistance

I am your puppy!  Your actions will determine whether I will be a faithful friend or a menace to all I meet.  Spend time with me and teach me what I need to know.  For the next ten to fifteen years I will be your most devoted fan and will demonstrate to all I meet the true nature of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Loving, loyal, courageous and devoted.

Behavior problems making you crazy? Considering giving up your pit bull? Lucas County Pit Crew can HELP! With support, training, and the proper tools your dog can become the wonderful companion you always wanted. Enroll in our low cost training classes and learn the skills you need to enjoy a lifetime with your well mannered dog!                    Interested?
  Email for more information.

The Lucas County Pit Crew uses only positive reinforcement training techniques with all of our Pit Crew dogs. This is the only method of training used by Best Friends Animal Society and endorsed by the AVMA, ASPCA, and humane animal organizations. The Lucas County Pit Crew offers classes, play groups, and individual behavior support.

Our Pit Crew U training dates are posted each month on our calendar page. Whether you are interested in working towards your AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate or just want to work on some basic training, join us for group training and fun. We also have playgroups and agility. All breeds are welcome. Proof of vaccines and spay/neuter required before joining the group. For spay/neuter assistance, please email us.

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