Lucas County Pit Crew
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Becoming a foster parent is the greatest thing you can do to help save a dog. Our rescue is based completely on our foster program. The more foster families we have, the more dogs that can be saved. Our waiting list is endless, and we get multiple requests daily about wonderful dogs desperately in need of placement. Boarding dogs places a strain on our financial resources and does not prepare dogs for adoption.

We match each foster home with a dog that is the best fit to their family and lifestyle. Some foster parents prefer adult dogs, and some prefer puppies. We will place the type of dog you are looking to help the most, into your home. We make sure all of our dogs are temperament tested before entering foster care. We want to make sure we are only placing dogs that are ready for a home environment and that they will be ambassadors for their breed.

LCPC provides all veterinary care, training, as well as food, a crate, collar and leash for your foster dog. We can also provide bowls, toys, and other items if needed. Foster dogs can stay in foster care anywhere from a few weeks, to a few months, or longer. It is completely unpredictable when they might be adopted. We ask our fosters to be committed to their LCPC dog just as they are to their own dogs.

Foster homes need to be willing and able to provide frequent photos and personality updates on their foster dog. Great pictures are what capture the hearts of potential adopters. LCPC makes every attempt to have adoption events and opportunities for foster dogs to be seen by potential adopters. We appreciate our foster families who are willing to attend events to show off their foster dog and meet potential adopters. This gives the dogs a better chance of meeting their forever family.

A foster parent's most important job is to provide a loving temporary home. For many of our dogs, a foster home is the first opportunity they have ever had to live in a safe and loving environment. 

Personal dogs must be up to date on vaccines and neutered/spayed. For more information please email

We also have opportunities to sponsor a dog, donate toys, food, crates, or to volunteer to walk a dog at one of our events. Some of our dogs come into our program with significant medical or emotional scars. They need extra attention to heal both physically and mentally. Because of generous sponsors, we are able to give these dogs the veterinary help or training opportunities that they desperately need. If you are interested in sponsoring a dog, or volunteering, please email  It is only through working together that we can make a difference in our community.     
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