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Giving up a dog?

There are lots of reasons why people contact us looking to bring their dog to the Lucas County Pit Crew. As an all volunteer organization, it takes time away from the dogs in our care to answer each and every request for intake. We are a foster based rescue and we do not operate a building with dogs in cages. Given that the dogs in our care are living in foster homes, we have to carefully screen the dogs that we bring into our program. We rarely intake dogs over 5 months of age from private owners. Most of the dogs in our foster care/adoption program come from our local pounds, shelters or veterinarians.

If you are thinking about giving up your dog due to behavior or time concerns please consider the following: 

1-have you worked with a reputable trainer that uses only positive training methods

2-have you consulted your veterinarian about possible medical concerns that could be impacting behavior

3-have you explored a dog walker or day care to give your dog more exercise

4-have you spoken with close friends or family members that already are familiar to your dog

If you have explored all of your options and you are not able to keep your dog, contact your local shelter for their intake procedures. Listing dogs on craigslist, facebook, or other sale sites can put your dog into the wrong hands. You can email for more information about intake after exploring all other options.

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