Lucas County Pit Crew
   educate, advocate, adopt, support


Check out the awesome things we are doing out in the community!

Humane Toledo Outreach-our outreach volunteers are out and about assisting people in the community in getting connected to our food bank, spay/neuter vouchers, and being in compliance with Toledo's tethering ordinance. OUR OUTREACH PROGRAM IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD DUE TO COVID19 RESTRICTIONS.

Food Bank-having trouble feeding your pets? Get connected to our monthly food bank and we can help you get through a rough patch without having your pets go hungry. Check our calendar for dates/times.

Spay/Neuter Vouchers-spayed/neutered pets enjoy longer and healthier lives. Need assistance getting your dog or cat spayed/neutered? Email Jean at for information on low cost, or no cost, options.

Dog Safety Presentations
-want to learn safe ways to interact with dogs? We offer group presentations for people of all ages and abilities. This interactive and fun group experience can be scheduled for your group or you can check our calendar page to see when and where we will be.

Reading Buddies-Kids need some motivation to read? Check our calendar for dates/times to bring out the young readers.  

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